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Articles»Wave Fave»Kenny G & Rahul Sharma – Namaste

Kenny G & Rahul Sharma – Namaste

Posted by Terry Sweeney on 2012/07/23 mentions “the gesture (or mudra) of namaste is a simple act made by bringing together both palms of the hands before the heart, and lightly bowing the head. In the simplest of terms it is accepted as a humble greeting straight from the heart and reciprocated accordingly”. Two cultures come together on this unique collaboration with one of the world’s best selling saxophonist’s with India’s premier santoor player.  Rahul Sharma first met Kenny backstage after a show in Rahul’s hometown of Mumbai  by presenting an idea where the two artists could record an album of Rahul’s compositions with Kenny’s signature soprano sound.  Kenny says "It wasn't the usual formula of playing the melody, improvising, repeating the melody, and then doing an ending.  It was more a question of ‘Where do I fit in? What notes do I play that will best serve this piece of music?' But it was fun. It was an opportunity to just experiment with the sounds and notes and phrases. Little by little, over the course of several months, we put together the first few songs, and we realized, ‘Hey, I think we have something going here’.  The result is fascinating.  The two would e-mail each other music files from opposite ends of the globe with tracks recorded at Rahuls Sharma’s studio in Mumbai and Kenny’s sax recorded at his studio in Los Angeles.  What first began and released as ‘Namaste India’ in 2011 was then evolved to wider audience by  mixer/producer Marc Burrows, also known as Marc JB of the UK dance music group Bimbo Jones, and operating on this project in the alternate guise of Kid Tricky. Burrows reconfigured the entire album with a shade more rhythmic presence, and isolated a couple songs - namely the title track and the otherworldly "Transcendental Consciousness" - for a full remix.  World music with the sounds of smooth jazz and chill.  Creative forces leading to a higher unity… Namaste!

Reviewed by:
Gary James
Evening Host – 7pm - Midnight


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