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Mary Gatchell - Camino Real

Posted by April Galenzoski on 2018/04/23

I'm always intrigued when a new singer/songwriter enters the smooth groove scene. Who is she? Where did she come from? Who are her influences? What does she look like (yes, I am that shallow)?  These are all the questions I asked when I first heard the lead-off single "You've Been On My Mind" from Mary Gatchell.

Well allow me to answer a few of these queries for you.

1. Mary is a true Renaissance Woman - singer, songwriter, pianist, philanthropist, musical theatre performer and, believe it or not, oboist!  Her music embodies everything from jazz to blues to soul to pop,creating a unique blend that is raw, honest and just plain beautiful.

2. Born in New Hampshire to an extremely musical family, Mary appeared in countless theatrical productions before moving to New York City to study music at NYU.

3. Stevie Wonder and Joni Mitchell count as huge influences to Mary's evocative lyrics and unexpected harmonies.

4. Blonde and beautiful. Enough said.

From the first release You've Been On My Mind, Mary proves she can groove with the best of them, combining solid soul with her sweetly ethereal vocals. Lovers In Love slows things down to a sensual, smokey serenade. 

Camino Real (title track) gets fun and funky with a playful punch. And my personal favourite (you know me, I like the romantic stuff) - Don't Go. Sparse, simple, elegant, emotive, a true testament to an artist so comfortable in her own musical skin she doesn't need to scream over bells and whistles to establish her truth. Lovely.

So now you know a few things about Ms. Gatchell. Like a rare diamond glittering in the sunlight, she brings a special blend of purity and passion to the world of smooth groove. I highly recommend listening to all of Camino Real to get the rest of the story.


Vickie van Dyke

Morning Host


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