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Rob Tardik - Synergy

Posted by April Galenzoski on 2018/01/15

Synergy: the interaction or cooperation of two or more organizations, substances, or other agents to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects.

Synergy: the sixth and latest album in the storied and award-winning musical career and journey of Rob Tardik. Please see above.

If there’s one thing that both fans and I have come to learn, it's that, musically, Rob Tardik never approaches a new project with creative reservations and Synergy, one of several of albums I have personally reviewed, demonstrably illustrates that point again.The 12 song offering highlights not just Tardik’s nylon string and electric guitar greatness, but an eclectic guitar performance showing his diversity of styles, moods, tempos and of course, thematic messages.  In his own words,” I wanted to encapsulate and pay tribute to some of the many diverse styles that form my sound and RT brand, and create a musical SYNERGY of sounds, flavours and colours for the listener”. He adds, “Through over 32 years of playing guitar through intense study of the instrument to gain music literacy, you are hearing my life’s energy in real-time, and everything coming together in SYNERGY till this point in my career and life”

“Synergy’s” premiere smooth hit and former Wave Top 10 chart topper, is more than the title song, it’s a musical statement. Co-produced by saxophonist Vincent Ingala, and featuring the blistering sax of Carson Freeman, it’s four minutes of sheer and unrelenting musical bliss of guitar and saxophonic genius with a rhythmic pulse that is engaging, captivating, and addictive. Among Synergy’s eleven other songs, all co-produced with keyboardist Davor Jordanovski, the diversification of music is glaringly obvious with a range of styles that incorporates jazz, pop, Latin and flamenco vibes, fusion influences and even a mainstream rock-esque offering with vocalist Mark Masri on “Once In A Lifetime”

Hope is pure uplifting l

Latino handclapping fun, missing only a round of margaritas and an ‘Ole’ shout with its simplistic and traditional brilliance. “Too Much Fun” melds Tardik’s guitar melodies and Freeman’s sax into a synergetic groove of mid-tempo elegance and sophisticated semi-funk. “Let’s Get Together” is smoothly inspirational and uplifting, accompanied by Britt Frappier and Dee Cole-Laing on a delightful vocal bridge complementing a highly encouraging musical message of unity.

Tardik’s hands and guitar are literally afire on the fusion-inspired “M&M’s”, a track that sizzles continuously with high energy and multi-chord brilliance and unapologetic and resounding speed. “Perseverance”, destined to be the next release from Synergy, has all of the elements of a perfect mainstream smooth jazz chart hit rich with flowing melody and again, guitar and sax synergy.

What Tardik takes great pride in with this album, is that for the first time in his discography his brother George brings family talent and synergy on the track “The Guitardik’s Stomp”. The brothers Tardik are sensational each on the slide guitar on an uptempo blues influenced track that brings a little panache to the South minus the whiskey jug and washboard.

And underlying message, perhaps encrypted into the album is one that should inspire us all. Tardik states “Though the tough divisional times the world has faced over the last while is one of hope, embracing diversity and people all coming together thus creating synergy, as we really need it moving into 2018 and beyond if our human race is to move forward and survive to strengthen future generations. We are at a real turning point in the history of mankind”

There’s not a better and more effective to accomplish that goal than with the power of positive music.


Reviewed by Stu Berketo
On-air Host


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