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Posted by Valerie Kovacs (Cambridge) on 2018/12/05
Thank you for Norman Brown CD. We will enjoy it very much. I love the station and listen to it at work and home. Merry Christmas to all the staff and their families!
Posted by Jim Dunning (London) on 2018/11/23
Hey Everyone! Latest smash hit by Sam Drysdale really rocks! Check him out wherever you get your music. Local talent. So lit!
Posted by Billy Saunders (Port Hope) on 2018/11/18
Got an Early Christmas Git from Wave FM.
In the mailbox was the new autographed CD of Len Mizzoni " Waves of Indigo" I was hoping to win this CD and getting an autographed copy was extra sweet.
He makes great music..loving this CD.
Thank you so much Wave FM.
Posted by Sonya Rosenwirth (Oakville) on 2018/11/15
I just heard Liberty Silver's songs, "All in my mind", "Money can't buy U Love", "I Got Angels", and "You're the Only One" on Reverbnation website... it would be a nice addition to Wavefm I think? I think it's important that we promote our Canadian smooth jazz talent and I appreciate that you do!! Also, will you consider bringing back the Smooth Jazz Awards show - we have fabulous memories from the past ones. It was a great promo for your station and all the talent. We continue to appreciate your high calibre radio station!! Keep up the good work:)
Posted by on 2018/10/14
Thank you very much for tickets; tremendously enjoyed every minute of Coldjack and the Jazz Bistro dinner! John Fraser has great vocals, enthusiasm & graciousness. Each member of his band are wonderfully talented. Each song was passionately and creatively executed, first class entertainment.
The delicious dinner was absolutely perfectly prepared and generous is size, both the starters and mains. The Jazz Bistro is a beautifully designed venue & staff are cheerful professionals. Thank you WAVE FM! We hope to listen to more Coldjack.
Posted by Sonya Rosenwirth (Oakville) on 2018/08/22
We want to thank you so much for the tickets to Port Dover's SouthCoast Jazz Festival, it was fabulous!
We enjoyed every minute of the entertainment and dinner. The event was positively first class:)
I haven’t heard Chuck Jackson in years and seeing his performance rekindled fond memories from The Brunswick House and the Downchild Blues Band from “everywhere" in the 80’s… was that really so long ago?? His voice and his energy have not waned over the years and he still knows how to get a party going!
Tyler Yarema is always a delight. We look forward to getting down to the Reservoir Lounge again soon to hear more! Teamed with Chuck they were fabulous, it was over the top with their combined talents.
We also enjoyed the junior vocalists. It’s great to see their passionate performances and we will be on the lookout for Danielle and Jordan's future successes.
It was so nice to see and hear Dini Petty. She is engaging as ever and was a perfect choice as host. Her distinct voice and good humour was an asset to this well-planned evening.
I must admit that we did not know Heather Bambrick, Brian Dickinson, Dave Young or Kellylee Evans before this evening. We were enamoured by all and have been busily getting acquainted with their music online since the concert. Hope you play them often on the Wave now that we are fans!! We will look forward to seeing them again and will always remember that we “heard them first” at the South Coast Jazz Festival and because of Thank you for that!
Another first was the wine that we purchased. Burning Kiln’s red wine was a perfect accompaniment to the dinner skillfully prepared and cheerfully served by Chrissy's catering. We will look forward to visiting their winery in the near future.
We commended Juliann Kuchocki for a great job in orchestrating the event and for promoting Port Dover and Norfolk County. She deserves accolades from the community and encouragement to continue this fabulous jazz showcase for many years to come. We will certainly look forward to next year’s South Coast Jazz Festival!
Thank you for introducing us to this event:)
Posted by mary kirk (Toronto) on 2018/08/10
Give us some details about the song and we'll find it for you, Gary!
Posted by Garry Bilton (Pickering) on 2018/07/14
I am trying to find a playlist from July 11 (5:15ish) and track down a song that I heard (but can't recall title or artist) is there a search I could use? Thanks
Posted by Gary Macdonald (Stoney Creek) on 2018/07/03
I just got a brand new Tesla Model 3. The premium radio system allows me to again listen to Wave on 94.7 HD2.

I am so happy and relaxed.
Posted by Mike Macneil (Niagara Falls) on 2018/07/02
Hello wave,ive been gone for quite sometime now but im back and listening and I still love the music......Its smoooooooth and really good!...Mike!
Posted by Billy Saunders (Port Hope) on 2018/06/16
Thank You so much for the Molly Johnson tickets.
We had a great time...excellent show!!
The venue was perfect for her style of show.

Posted by Carlene Scott (Brampton) on 2018/05/31
Hi Stu!
I would love to hear Marion Meadows , wish upon a star soon!
I'm a big fan ever since youfolks were on the air!
Posted by Billy Saunders (Port Hope) on 2018/04/24
Just want to say...Thank You...I just received the Boney James CD I won. I was really hoping to win this one. I've been of fan of his ever since I was introduced to the Smooth Jazz World through your station. Always listening at home and at work.
Posted by Marie Dhue on 2018/04/20
Just sending a big thank you for receiving my free Boney James CD that arrived in the mail today!! Boney James is one of my favourite artists that I was introduced to many years ago on 94.7 FM. Thank you also for the tickets I won for the Jazz concert in December at Hugh’s Room !!! It was so much fun meeting the other ticket winners at our table and reconnecting with Vickie Van Dyke, who I met on numerous other occasions.
Posted by Robert Wade (Franklin Park) on 2018/04/15
Just loved listening to Morning Song and the best thing is Lisa McClowry is sitting right next to me.
Posted by Kim Charron (Toronto) on 2018/03/30
Hi Vickie! Just updated our home audio system - finally! I can listen to Wave all over the condo now. Missed you! The music is as fabulous as ever! Glad to be back to my #1 favourite music station. Miss the nights at Lowville Bistro and the smooth jazz award nights! Hope all is well in your world!
Posted by Pamela Capes-Rotondi (CHARLOTTETOWN) on 2018/03/19
I've moved to PEI from Burlington, and am trying to get you on my Bose Soundtouch Wireless...Ive input almost everything I can think of in the Internet radio search... all I ca get is the Wave in LA... any suggestions?

Hi Pamela! You might want to try listening live via this site and running it through your Bose. That's what I do at home. Good luck! (Vickie)
Modified on 2018/03/19 by Kat Cullen
Posted by steve halas (newmarket) on 2018/02/23
greetings long time listener still enjoying your special sound, keep up the great work

Posted by mary kirk (Toronto) on 2018/02/20
Hi Calvert. The Wave is over the air on Hybrid Digital HD-2 on 2 frequencies. 94.7 in the GTA to the west of Toronto and on 95.9 to the East. HD is available on newer radios now and on the newer car radios. Tune in these FM frequencies to see if HD is offered as an option. The quality is terrific!
Posted by Calvert Barclay (Brampton) on 2018/02/06
Thanks for playing great music I really enjoy it.
P.S When will you be back on the radio?

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