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Posted by Terry Sweeney (Hamilton) on 2012/05/22
A huge thanks to all who supported our application for The Lake and especially to those who appeared with us at The CRTC hearings which ended last week. Alexander Zonjic, Greg Kavanagh, Rob Tardik, Karen Cummings and Michael Williams gave fantastic support, as part of our panel. Thanks also to the Wave fans who came to listen and cheerlead! Not to mention all those who wrote such heartfelt letters earlier. A great effort from all! We felt we presented a very strong case in support of our radio format being given a home on 88.1FM. Decision will not be published til sometime in the fall likely. We'll keep you posted on any new developments. Stay in touch.

Mary and Doug Kirk
Posted by Sonya Rosenwirth (Oakville) on 2012/05/22
Hope there is good news for us soon!
Posted by Terry Sweeney (Hamilton) on 2012/05/07
The full hearing process is underway and continues until May 18th. Durham Radio's "New Easy Listening" presentation to the CRTC will take place tomorrow afternoon (Tuesday, May 8th) at the Allstream Centre (CNE Grounds). The hearing is open to the public so anyone is welcome to attend as part of the audience/cheerleading brigade!

If you cannot make it in person to the hearing but are interested in listening, the hearing process will be streamed online from the CRTC website.
Posted by Emeline Mellow (Markham) on 2012/05/01
I've been a long time listener, since the launch in fact and crossing fingers that you will be back on the radio airwaves soon!
Posted by mary kirk (Toronto) on 2012/04/25
Presentation date for Durham's FM application ("The Lake") is Tuesday aft. May 8th at the Allstream Centre on the CNE grounds. Thanks again to all who sent those very important letters of support!!! Keep tuned for details
Posted by Karen Munro (Sillikers) on 2012/04/23
Listening to Wave FM from the Miramichi!I'm loving you.♥ Thanks to Wave..I won Jann Arnden's Undercover me 2.Sweet sounds from one of my favorite singer.♥ isn't technologie grand!!
Posted by James Canning on 2012/04/14
Good luck with the new radio station, miss hearing you in the car, you were the only decent radio station on.
Posted by James Imrie (Mississauga) on 2012/04/10
I was just reading your record reviews - Daryl Hall, Jessy J, etc. and found something missing! Might I suggest a link at the end of each review to the corresponding page at or iTunes? ...unless there's a problem, since neither are an advertiser or supporter of the station in any way. I just thought it would be a nice, courteous thing to do - read the review, interested in purchasing, see convenient link without searching.

Just a thought, guys!

Thanks......and fingers are crossed for the FM application! :-)
Posted by Mary Cecol (Oakville) on 2012/04/05
I sent my letter of support! I want Wave back!!!
Posted by Bill Shearmur (Campbellville) on 2012/04/03
Reply to Sonya,
April 2nd was the deadline for intervention letters, the CRTC hearings will be in early May and because there are around 20 Applicants, the hearings are expected to last a full 2 weeks.

Like you say we've all got everything crossed.
Posted by Sonya Rosenwirth (Oakville) on 2012/04/03
So the suspense is killing us - any news from yesterday - April 2nd or was that just the deadline for submissions?
We have EVERYTHING crossed for you and hope to hear you on our car radios soon!!!
Posted by mary kirk (Toronto) on 2012/04/02
Doug and I on the golf course in Fla today listening to the WAVE on a friend's ipod. How neat to have the Wave provide a cool soundtrack to the game!
Posted by Roger L on 2012/03/30
Just submitted my letter of support to the CRTC.. Good Luck on the application and hope to catch the new Smooth Jazz on my radio AGAIN!
Posted by Ron Wandy (Mississauga) on 2012/03/22
Count me in as well for someone who forwarded a letter of support for the application. I must admit though, the list and number of applicants for the frequency is even more daunting than I could have imagined so it will be an uphill battle to achieve success. However, given that many of the other applicants are just repeats of similar programming that is already on the air, done right and assuming people on the CRTC panel are REALLY interested in originality and support for Canadian talent that blows all the others away, The Wave's successor on 88.1 is the ONLY real choice.
Posted by Anthony Godinho (Mississauga) on 2012/03/21
I just sent my letter in support. I still terribly miss Smooth Jazz and hope you guys are back on the air. I was excited to hear the news that there was still a chance to get the Wave back.
Posted by Terry Sweeney (Hamilton) on 2012/03/21
Hi Wave fans,
Important Reminder

Just two weeks left to submit your letter of support for the 88.1 licence application that will return WAVE MUSIC to the airwaves!!! The deadline is Monday, April 2nd, 2012 at 5pm, no exceptions. If sending your letter in the mail, you must mail it at least a week ahead of the deadline.

A huge thank you to all who have filed their wonderful letters full of passion and love for the Wave and for Durham Radio Inc. These letters will be the most important factor in winning this licence so keep them coming in!

If you need help with your letter, download our intervention kit: or contact us directly.
Doug Kirk
416 727 1710

Mary Kirk
17 565 7211
Posted by maureen lewis (Hamilton) on 2012/03/20
Hi In St Lucia and lovin that I can get you on line! Looking fwd to havung yu back on radio! Sent my comments to CRTC.. here's hopin!
Posted by Tim Panton (Stoney Creek) on 2012/03/15
To anyone who hasn't done so yet, please go to the CRTC application and make out an intervention letter for submittal so we can get a smooth jazz radio station back (88.1 FM) for the GTA and Golden Horseshoe area. I miss Wave.FM and can't wait for 88.1.
Posted by Debbie Kennedy (Mississauga) on 2012/03/15
I am so happy to hear hopefully WAVE 88.1 will be back I missed you all so much - good luck....Mary and Doug
Posted by mary kirk (Toronto) on 2012/03/14
Heading to Peter's Place in Gravenhurst tomorrow for a night with Lee Ritenour! Would be so much fun to have some of you join Doug and me to celebrate my birthday with the fantastic Mr. Ritenour up close!! We're staying at the Marriott on the Wharf to make a mini holiday out of our trip.

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