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The Wave on 94.7 FM, HD-2

We are pleased to announce that The Wave is now available for your enjoyment on West of the GTA on 94.7 FM, HD-2 and East of the GTA on 95.9 HD-2!

What is HD (Hybrid Digital) Radio?

HD Radio devices receive a digital signal using existing FM frequencies and require no Internet connection or monthly fee. Hybrid Digital radios will allow you to listen at home and at work in the GTA/Hamilton area.   And an HD radio in your car will enable you to tune in to The Wave FREE!

How to listen to The Wave on HD-2 on your car radio:

Many new vehicles come equipped with HD Radio and will notifiy you of this capability with a small HD logo that lights up on your dash or control panel once you tune into the station of your choice. can be found from Toronto and East on 95.9 FM HD-2  and Toronto and West on 94.7 FM HC -2. Once you tune in to 94.7 FM or 95.9 FM (depending on which area you are listening from) activate your HD Radio receiver by navigating through the menu options which will show up on the screen of your car. To listen to The Wave, just select HD-2 from the HD menu.

HD radio availability:

Many newer car models, especially those manufactured in the last few years, are equipped with HD receivers.  Check to see if yours is one of them!!  If your car does not have HD Radio, there are many car radio aftermarket systems that provide HD Radio capability. If you're about to purchase a new car, be sure to request the HD radio option.

HD Receivers are also available for purchase for the home. Visit your local electronics stores to see what they offer.

For more information on HD Radio visit


Stream us on any device, by simply loading our mobile friendly website at and click "Listen Live".




Home Stereo:
Purchase a long enough cable that has Red/White connections on one end, and a head phone plug on the other end.  You can plug your computer/laptop into your home stereo.

You can also purchase transmitters that will send audio from your laptop to your home stereo.  Available at most electronic stores. 

Internet Radios:
You can purchase small internet radios. We recommend the use of Grace Digital Internet Radios. Grace Digital Internet Radios can be purchased online at 

You will need wireless internet in the home.  If you do not have wireless internet, you can purchase a wireless router.

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