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"Begin Again"

It's a whole new world. Even major league established artists like Ms. Jones realize the standard ten (or more) song album is going the way of the dinosaur. EPs are the new thing and on Begin Again, Norah Jones delivers 7 perfect nuggets, recorded over a year. She still has that bluesy soul that imbibes each track with a beautiful intimacy but she also brings some swagger, some jazz, some folk and even some lullaby to this new collection. Let's begin with "Begin Again", the title track. Can you spell ATTITUDE? Norah brings an almost Lucinda Williams-esque vibe to this cooler than cool track. "My Heart Is Full" brings a southern gospel groove to the set. "It Was You" is bare-bones R&B with a definite push. "Wintertime" is tried and true Jones fare, all about piano and voice, lyrics and simple delivery. And then there's "Just A Little Bit". The kind of unexpected song that makes you stop and really listen. Lovely tinkling piano, military drums and compelling words. Only Norah Jones. can get away with this mix and make it work. She is (as ever) one of the most unique musicians in the world. Original, different, fresh and maybe even a little weird. Doing it her way every time. Vickie van Dyke Morning Host

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