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"The Little Things"

If there is another trumpet player on this planet who has more fun than Cindy Bradley, I'd like to know who it is!  All you have to do is follow this crazy, chihuahua-loving, funny-face-making, charismatic and kooky chick on Facebook to know what a hoot and a half she is.

She is also an incredible musician. An incredible musician who plays a pink trumpet. 

And that's what I love the most about Cindy Bradley. She takes it all very seriously ... until she doesn't. Superb talent and a superb sense of humour combined. Perfect.

Cindy's latest CD The Little Things continues the hit-making trend she began in 2009 when she was first signed to the Trippin'N'Rhythm label. "I'm All Ears"  (it must be about all her dogs, right?) gets the groove going with gregarious gusto. "Wind Chill Factor" (hey the girl is originally from Buffalo, NY so she knows) is smooth and sophisticated. I love the title of "Snack Grouch" (what do you think - dog or husband?). "Surrender" is moody and melancholy, like a movie theme waiting to happen. And the final track "Reminisce" keeps my track record (pardon the pun) intact. I always seem to love the final song the most. Probably because most artists save their sweet and sensual sentimentality for the end. Beautiful.

Cindy stumbled upon her trumpet virtuosity by accident. She explains: "I started playing the piano when I was six, but (in fourth grade) we had to choose a different instrument to be part of the band program. I forgot to bring my permission slip to class, so the teacher just had me randomly circle an instrument that I wanted to play. I picked the trumpet, which turned out to be a life and career defining fluke.”  

What a happy accident for fans of fun and flirty smooth groove. The Little Things is Cindy Bradley's new Big Thing. 

It could also be her two chihuahuas.

Who knows?

Vickie van Dyke

Morning Host

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