1. Katie Melua
Gold In Them Hills

Played at 1:57 am

Gold in Them Hills by Katie Melua $1.29 on iTunes

2. Shashaty
Dream Ride

Played at 1:53 am

Dream Ride by Sha-shaty $1.29 on iTunes

3. Ellen Doty
Say You Will

Played at 1:51 am

Say You Will by Ellen Doty $0.99 on iTunes

4. Warren Hill
Take-out Dreams

Played at 1:45 am

Take-Out Dreams by Warren Hill $1.29 on iTunes

5. Javier Colon
Close To You

Played at 1:42 am

Close to You by Javier Colon $1.29 on iTunes

6. Jeff Lorber
Anthem For A New America

Played at 1:39 am

Anthem for a New America by Jeff Lorber $1.29 on iTunes